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Aligning Products, Processes
and Resources to maximize ROI

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Who are we

Your Financial Guide
for a New Era of Manufacturing

PPROI is a game changing first of it's kind BI solution for Managers, Investors, Owners and Industial Funds connecting physical and financial reality of production plants.

Our algorithms are based on undistorted cost calculations and in-house developed theory and methodology of capital employed measurement in production processes.

Production company management​ benefits

  • can evaluate impacts of any decision on each product ROI to maximize company ROI​

  • can simulate impacts of physical and financial changes on products’ ROI in a production plant to maximize company ROI​

  • has tools to maximize products’ ROI and company ROI​






Investors, Owners, Funds management​ benefits

  • have real time data about products’ ROI and company ROI​

  • can evaluate the performance of production management based on the ongoing achievement of set ROI targets​

  • can approve production company investments according to simulations of impact on ROI   etc.​

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Our Story

Based on its UNIQUE & PROPRIETARY algorithms, PPROI company has developed a suite of software products (PPROI IS) for dynamic production control, planning and financial management in manufacturing firms.

PPROI IS has been fully TESTED & IMPLEMENTED by several customers in the Czech Republic. The company also received number of external awards in recognition of the game-changing nature of its methodology.


Our Team

Our Team has extensive working experience abroad: in EU, USA, Canada, Japan and China.

Relevant background and competences of core mebers:

• Production control and planning

• Lean manufacturing/Toyota Production System

• Restructuring/Continuous improvement

• Production finance


No existing ERP application is able to measure ROI of capital employed in individual operations, processes and products. 

PPROI IS has been designed to complement traditional ERP systems – providing managers with LOW COST & PRECISE real time integrated production and financial  information which none of the core ERP systems currently on the market are able to do.

We unify the management of business activities according to the universal criterion, which is the return of capital employed.

How it works
Petr Hladík, Head of Business Development Department, TC CAS

"PPROI is one of our well valued clients as we consider their novel approach to be a real game-changer in the field of enterprise management."

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To schedule a product demo with one of our product consultants, please fill in your contact details

José Martího 407/2

162 00 Praha 6 -Veleslavín

Czech republic

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