Aligning Products, Processes

and Resources to maximize ROI

PPROI - The ROI in action.
Our Story

Based on its UNIQUE & PROPRIETARY algorithms, PPROI company has developed a suite of software products (PPROI IS) for dynamic production control, planning and financial management in manufacturing firms.

PPROI IS has been fully TESTED & IMPLEMENTED by several customers in the Czech Republic. The company also received number of external awards in recognition of the game-changing nature of its methodology.


Our Team

Our Team has extensive working experience abroad: in EU, USA, Canada, Japan and China.

Relevant background and competences of core mebers:

• Production control and planning

• Lean manufacturing/Toyota Production System

• Restructuring/Continuous improvement

• Production finance

Our Methodology

In contrast to PPROI, no existing ERP application is able to measure ROI of capital employed in individual operations, processes and products. 

PPROI IS has been designed to complement/replace traditional ERP systems – providing managers with LOW COST & PRECISE real time integrated production and financial  information which none of the core ERP systems currently on the market are able to do.

We unify the management of business activities according to the universal criterion, which is the return of capital employed.



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Industrial Digital CFO

PPROI alignes physical and financial dimensions of all company’s products, processes and resources to maximize ROI.

PPROI enables you to manage all your business activities at all levels according to a universal criterion, which is the return on capital - ROI. 

The application of ROI as a criterion is necessary in all types of decision-making between alternatives, as the potential trade-off between costs and employed capital is ubiquitous and in strategic alternatives is even logical.

PPROI enables the enterprise to calculate the impact of trade-offs on the company’s ROI value before deciding on implementation of alternatives.

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Leveled Production Planning

PPROI production plans are leveled in the demands on operators - aligned with the plans of the number of operators according to the production territories in which the operators work – and do not overload the capacity of production lines (work centers). Between production territories they are time-synchronized and have other necessary properties: go beyond ERP production boundaries, are different in the systems “Make to stock”, “Lot for lot” and “Make to order”, in case of multiple substitutable lines, individual lines are planned.

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Dynamic Competence Management

Management of unplanned and planned Absence & 

skills management of production operators significantly reduces the cost of absence.

Includes also competence management of operators at company level and continuous improvement module.

Process Standards  Management

Bottom-up description of all production operations (e.g. production process “molecules”) as composed & aggregated (automatically) from standardized units called micro-phases (e.g. production process “atoms”) defined by their fixed resources (labour, capital, physical assets).

As processes are mapped starting with micro-phases, every technological change is automatically projected into the whole system, providing users with precise real-time information about the total production process - generating the necessary production-related information with substantial SAVINGS IN DATA COLLECTION AND MAINTENANCE COST.

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Petr Hladík, Head of Business Development Department, TC CAS

"PPROI is one of our well valued clients as we consider their novel approach to be a real game-changer in the field of enterprise management."

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