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PPROI Information System


Available enterprise information systems (ERP, BI etc.) on the market don’t provide ROI per product information because cannot calculate capital employed in production processes which is a precondition for ROI per product calculations.











Companies are therefore in practice

managed according to parcial,

often contradictory measures.



Thanks to its unique methodology, PPROI is the only currently available and implemented information system that provides users (from planners and foremen to top managers) ability to manage business processes, products and resources according to the universal business management criterion, according to ROI.



to Maximum Efficiency

All PPROI data are defined for specific objects or groups of objects. Required detail is embodied in microphases defined as containing an unchanging resource structure. By assigning specific resources to microphases, mathematical functions can generate accurate physical and financial data at all levels indispensable for description, standardization and scheduling of lean manufacturing and other key processes. Foggy information like “overhead” does not exist in PPROI.



PPROI data are gradually structured according products, resources and processes and enterprise territories. In terms of units of measurement and the sequence of data generation, PPROI is divided into two main interconnected parts: physical and financial. Full and accurate physical information is a prerequisite for the correctness of financial information. The financial data, among other things, serve to assess the physical alternatives and to choose the best one to maximize ROI.

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