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Dynamic Competence Management

Management of Unplanned and Planned Absence & 

skills management of production operators 

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system tools significantly

reducing the cost of absence



The foreman will replace the absent worker in seconds with the most suitable  available worker

Why the most suitable?

  • has required skills

  • has necessary training

  • has valid medical examination

  • has experience in the workplace 

  • has no health restrictions

What risks will be reduced?

  • overtimes when standards are not met

  • defect rate increase 

  • machine damage due to improper handling

  • injury of unproperly trained operator 

  • stopping of customer production, in the worst-case scenario,


Competence management of operators

at company level

  • track and planning of trainings, skills and medical examinations

  • notification of re-training, expiration of examinations, medical examinations, etc.

  • links to remuneration according to the achieved skill levels;

  • information about who, where and when has been working

  • planning of upgrading qualifications, career growth, vacations, etc.

  • all documents can be digitized and uploaded to the system


KAIZEN - Evidence & tracking of improvements

  • who submitted an improvement proposal

  • what is the state (progress)

  • who deals with it

  • what the expected benefits are

  • real benefits

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