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What customer says (8)

September 20, 2018


To me, support of improvement by PPROI and the dissemination of changes are completely basic.

Any physical change in a workshop is captured with the help of a single microphase. PPROI automatically extends this change to all products that go through a given workstation. Next week you already have it in the production plan, including the financial plan. And the fulfillment of actual plans is the priority of our daily management.

Not only in terms of JIT processes, but also in terms of consumption of resources.


Our sales people constantly work with up-dated and very precise PPROI calculations in offering our products.

An erroneous price contract can seriously damage our firm. During difficult business negotiations we can go into absolute detail and make the correct decisions.


PPROI has saved time and work for a great proportion of workers who were either directly or indirectly involved in management. However, it has brought hitherto unrequired demands for knowledge of mathematics and skill in the proper use thereof. We train each other in our own “PPROI Academy.”