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What customer says (5)

September 12, 2018


4. Seeking Out Bottlenecks

As a former programmer I was fascinated by PPROI’s ability to seek out bottlenecks. Each operation, even the operations in link, is limited in terms of time. Using the same equipment, for various products there are bottlenecks due to different parts of the machine.

For example, for various products on a rolling line the bottleneck shifts among the furnace, the rolling mill stand, and the manipulators. I used to think that there was always just one bottleneck in production process, and that after improvement it would move elsewhere. 

Today I see that bottlenecks are dynamic, and move at different circumstances among different pieces of equipment. I never saw PPROI’s functionality to capture this anywhere else and hadn’t even heard that it existed. I encountered several suppliers of APS systems, and in free discussions they confirmed that they have nothing like it.

(Radek Páleník, Chief Finance Officer, former: CMO, former: CIO, HŽP Prostejov, Czech Republic)  

To be continued...