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What customer says (4)

September 9, 2018


3. True Data Integration

In connection with the properties of PPROI, for the first time what the term, “data integration,” was supposed to mean really dawned on me. The full interrelationship of information through mathematical equations in PPROI automatically reflects the physical parameters and prices of individual resources and products on the company’s ROI.

It leads everyone, during improvement or optimization, in all positions in the company, for affecting the ROI as best as he can. In ERP systems this is unimaginable. ERP systems now seem to me to be sets of nearly isolated parts - modules, with minimal mathematical relations among data. And so in comparison with PPROI these systems count nearly nothing; they are like data storage facilities, rather than calculation tools.

When using the BPCS ERP system we never had problems with times of calculations, even with an obsolete, low-performance server. The utilization of its capacities was low. Conversely, PPROI calculations load up the capacity of one of the latest servers to nearly 100%. Now I am aware of the enormous potential of current information technologies, which is unused in ERP systems.

(Radek Páleník, Chief Finance Officer, former: CMO, former: CIO, HŽP Prostejov, Czech Republic)  

To be continued...