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What customer says (1)


When the company’s general and financial directors, having completed a two-day, Executive development program at the Prague School of Economics presented a proposal to our company’s managers to transform the company into a lean firm according to ROI, including basic changes of the information system, I was the lone opponent. I have worked in IT for nearly 15 years. I myself programmed a substantial part of the information system, and so I had the opportunity to look deep into the nuts and bolts of ERP systems. A basic change of these traditional, conceptually identical systems seemed impossible to me.

Today I speak of PPROI as the harbinger of a new generation of information systems.I am completely convinced of this, because I lived through the changes in thinking as the leader of the entire transformation project. PPROI’s characteristics exceed all imaginable criteria. We economically described our production process with amazing precision. I am fond of saying that we even see the movement of a pallet a few centimeters closer to a machine in financial terms. Information system have to follow a reality of an enterprise for one hundred per cent. Which of them can achieve that?

(Radek Páleník, Chief Finance Officer, former: CMO, former: CIO, HŽP Prostejov, Czech Republic)  

To be continued...