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What customer says (2)


1. Description of Process - Microphases & Their Parameters

As soon as they began working at our firm workers from the PPROI consulting division addressed the need to rework all process routings and replace all time standards as a necessary condition for introducing truly lean production. This involved over 4,000 active product parts, over 70,000 operations, and more than 200,000 time standards determined outside the IS, and over a million data reports in ERP on which technologists and standardizers had been working for dozens of years. The absurdity of the target, in my eyes, only grew when addressing the requirement to break down operations into microphases and to set detailed physical and financial parameters for each of them. To me, this meant tens of millions of hand data records into the IS and unimaginable demands on determining standards, as well as financial numbers outside of ERP.

On the other hand, based on video recordings and analyses the PPROI consultants documented for us how our standards were incorrect and were unusable for planning and managing lean production. Even the standardizer leaned towards the necessity of changing all the standards. 

So I felt that we were in a trap – facing the need to solve a key problem, but in terms of the work required the problem could not be solved. Today all of us at the company know that the problem can be solved, very effectively, but not by procedures that are traditionally used. The description of the process encompassed science - mathematics in particular, in a way we had never heard of, had never thought about, had never dreamed of.

(Radek Páleník, Chief Finance Officer, former: CMO, former: CIO, HŽP Prostejov, Czech Republic)  

To be continued...