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Dynamic Competence Management

Management of Unplanned and Planned Absence & 

skills management of production operators 

Vyvinuto ve spolupráci se špičkovými průmyslovými firmami 

3 system tools that significantly

reduce the cost of absence:

3 system tools that significantly

reduce the cost of absence:

1. The foreman will replace the absent worker in seconds with the most suitable  available worker

Why the most suitable? Because the alternate fulfills all the conditions necessary to work on the process, ie.

  • has required skills

  • has necessary training

  • má absolvovaná školení

  • has valid medical examination

  • has / has no experience in the workplace 

  • has no health restrictions

What risks will be reduced when the most appropriate worker available is included in the process?

  • overtimes when standards are not met

  • defect rate increase 

  • machine damage due to improper handling

  • injury of unproperly trained operator 

  • stopping of customer production, in the worst-case scenario,

2. Competence management of operators at company level

All information about workers including their skills are in one place and are monitored by the system, ie.

  • track and planning of trainings, skills and medical examinations

  • notification of re-training, expiration of examinations, medical examinations, etc.

  • links to remuneration according to the achieved skill levels;

  • information about who, where and when has been working

  • planning of upgrading qualifications, career growth, vacations, etc

  • all documents can be digitized and uploaded to the system

3. KAIZEN - special free module

Evidence a tracking of improvements (KAIZEN)

  • who submitted an improvement proposal

  • what is the state (progress)

  • who deals with it

  • what the expected benefits are

  • real benefits

Service model
  • Cloud solution  - System as a Service

  • Multiplatform application - mobile, tablet, PC..

  • connection to existing business information systems - no doubling of information

  • GDPR ready


  • you only pay for know how and top technology

  • No investment in hardware or license - you pay once for implementation and monthly for service, the price depends on the number of users

  • user means a foreman, production manager, HR manager, etc., not an operator in the company


  • 2 months implementation period maximum

  • regular system upgrades for free

  • training of users during implementation

  • 5 free hours of consultations or development of special requirements per month after system implementation

  • 24 hour support (we know what continuous production means!)

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