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“For us, the meaning of ‘lean’ has only one criterion which we use to show improvement and this is increasing ROI. We need to know exactly how much cash and assets we have tied in the process, how  much money we need for inventories, etc. so any changes we make increase ROI. Based on data received from PPROI, we were able to increase output on our main production line by 30%, without additional investment, only by removing the bottlenecks and shortening the production cycle time.  This is why PPROI is unique; no other system can measure capital intensity of production  processes.” 

Mr. Radek Páleník,



Technology Centre CAS

The Technology Centre of the CAS supports the participation of the Czech Republic in the European Research Area, prepares analytical and conceptual studies for research and development, performs international technology transfers and supports the creation and development of innovation businesses.

Saleck Consulting

Saleck Consulting has experience from many years of IT management, consulting, coaching and projects administration. 


Central European Productivity Center focuses on implementing the world's most advanced management concepts and techniques into Czech business practice.


Visionaries award 2017

The project “Visionaries” aims to support the innovative potential of Czech companies. Its main goal is to help to commercialize innovative products and increase competitiveness of promising projects.

SME Instrument grant 2018

In 2018 we have won a prestigious SME Instrument grant addressed to exceptional innovation projects with potential to disrupt European market. In the coming months, supervised by experienced coaches who are part of support under the SME Instrument, we will focus on feasibility study, formulation of the strategy for successful entering foreign markets and preparation of large SME Instrument Phase 2 project.

Edscha Kamenice nad Lipou.

 “During implementation,  transition to microphases empowered by PPROI helped us to increase the productivity by 27% in five months."

Mr. Zdeněk Krofta,

CEO of Edscha

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