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About Us

Aligning Products,

Processes and Resources to maximize ROI

PPROI Services s.r.o. is a production management software implementation company established in Prague CZ to commercialize the PPROI Information System - ROI Machine - a new and radically different approach to collecting, analysing, and reporting production-related data, which applies the Return on Investment (ROI) methodology for decisions at all levels of the manufacturing process.  

Co odborníci říkají o PPROI

"I have now had time to go over your wonderful materials and I find them very interesting and relevant. I guess the EAR‘s
reviewers will find them innovative. It is important to stress the theoretical implications of your study."


(Professor Salvador Carmona,

European Accounting Review)

“I‘m very intrigued by this concept of PPROI. It appears as an updated scientific management.”


(David Burkus

Author of managerial bestsellers „Myth of creativity“ a „Under new management")

We give a common direction to activities across the enterprise

In contrast to PPROI, no existing ERP application is able to measure ROI of capital employed in individual operations, processes and products. Companies are in practice governed by partial, often contradictory criteria. We unify the manage-ment of business activities according to the universal crite-rion, which is the rate of employed capital.

Our Team

Our Team We have extensive working expe-rience abroad: in EU, USA, Canada, Japan and China. Two of the company founders are inter-nationally respected professionals in their res-pective academic fields and have a role of consultants, sharing their knowledge and vi-sion with younger team members who are ready to bring PPROI to the global marketplace in close collaboration with implementation partners around the world.